1974 Los Angeles International Airport Bombing

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1974 Los Angeles International Airport Bombing
Location Los Angeles, California
Date August 6, 1974
Target Los Angeles International Airport
Attack type
Deaths 3
Non-fatal injuries
Perpetrators Muharem Kurbegovic

The 1974 Los Angeles International Airport bombing occurred on August 6, 1974 in the overseas passenger terminal lobby of Pan American World Airways at the Los Angeles International Airport. The attack killed three people and injured 36 others.[1]

The attack was perpetrated by 37-year-old Yugoslavian immigrant Muharem Kurbegovic, who was arrested two weeks after the bombing. Kurbegovic was eventually found guilty of first-degree murder for committing the bombing and an additional attack.[2] He was sentenced to life in prison.[3]


The bomb exploded at 8:10 AM inside a locker. There were about 50 people in the airport lobby at the time of the explosion. The terminal was evacuated after the blast. The explosion ripped through 100 feet (30 m) of the lobby.[4]

Three people died as a result of the attack, with two victims dying at the scene and an additional victim dying later at the hospital. Thirty-six people were injured in the attack, including a priest who lost a leg.[5]

Kurbegovic was nicknamed "The Alphabet Bomber" because of his alleged plan to attack places in an order that would make an anagram of Aliens of America. He later disputed this and stated that his objective was to "undermine and erode the foundation of Western Civilization, which is the Holy Bible".[5]

In August 1987, Kurbegovic was denied parole.[5]

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