Delta Air Lines Flight 821

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Delta Air Lines Flight 821
Douglas DC-8-51, Delta Air Lines JP5883124.jpg
A Delta Air Lines Douglas DC-8, similar to the one involved.
Date March 25, 1969
Summary Hijacking
Site Havana Cuba
Aircraft type DC-8
Operator Delta Air Lines
Flight origin Dallas Love Field, Dallas, Texas, United States
Destination José Martí International Airport, Havana, Cuba
Passengers 107
Crew 7
Survivors 114 (all)

On March 25, 1969, Luis Antonio Frese hijacked a Delta Air Lines flight 821 (DC-8) from Dallas, Texas to Havana, Cuba.[1][2] Frese was indicted in Texas but never returned to the United States to face prosecution.[2] He reportedly died in Cuba in 1975.[1][2]

The plane was en route from Newark to Los Angeles with stop overs in Atlanta, Dallas and San Diego.[3] There were 114 people on board: seven crew and 107 passengers,[3] which included 26 Marine recruits en route to San Diego and additional military personnel.[4] This was the 14th hijacking of a US airliner in the year 1969. After being hijacked to Havana, the flight diverted to Miami before continuing on its planned route.[4]

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